Opportunità di Partnership

Opportunità di partnership per la conclusione di accordi di trasferimento tecnologico.


Title: Seeking drone technology able to deliver an electric arc on a vertical surface
POD Reference: TRFR20151123003
Summary: A French company specialized in material surface monitoring, especially corrosion inspection is looking for partners having a drone technology capable to deliver an electric arc on a coated surface. The French company is looking for technical cooperation to develop new testing techniques.

Title: Sensor technologies requested for highly accurate measurement of dimensions of moved boxes
POD Reference: TRAT20151130001
Summary: An Upper Austrian company is looking for close to market sensors for the development of a new inspection system for application in logistics. Dimensions (3D) of boxes and their local defects (bulges, impressions) shall be measured with high accuracy while the boxes are moved on a conveyor. Sensor developer / manufacturer are sought for a technical cooperation (integration into the new inspection system) and a subsequent manufacturing agreement (supplying the sensor for serial production)

Title: Seeking advanced gyroscopic systems
POD Reference: TRUK20151011001
Summary: A UK based SME is seeking technology vendors that can supply advanced gyroscopes based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). The requested technology should be field-tested although newly developed, non-field tested and non-certified products would also be considered. The company seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance

Title: Innovation challenge: methods to characterize the damage to an outer protective garment intended for extreme environments
POD Reference: TRUS20151009001
Summary: A US national research and development (government) agency seeks assessment methodologies of the wear on textiles subject to harsh foreign climate conditions. The challenge sponsor desires to enter a financial agreement in the form of a cash prize and a license agreement for the selected technology.

Title: Pulsed delivery of benefit agents for personal care products
POD Reference: TRBE20151123002
Summary: A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for particle technologies capable of protecting their benefit agents and delivering the agent in a staged (i.e. pulsed) release during product usage. Industrial partners or research centres able to provide particle technologies are sought for technical cooperation or licence agreement with the large account.

Title: Intuitive and controlled dosing of liquids
POD Reference: TRBE20151123001
Summary: A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for intuitive and controlled dosing of liquids which should have comparable sizes against a normal cap and can be integrated in the company’s pack design language. Industrial partners able to provide this kind of dosing solutions are sought for technical cooperation or licence agreement with the large account.



Title: Japanese manufacturer offering their micro processing technology to EU manufacturers and research institutions
POD Reference: TOJP20151110002
Summary: Japanese manufacturer is offering their micro processing technology to European companies, R&D institutions and universities. The technology can be used to make micro parts from various materials. It is suited for the production of medical equipment, satellites and micro motor products and helps avoid bending and damage. It also shortens the production process.  They are looking for a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or a licensing agreement

Title: Novel biodegradable TV remote controller
POD Reference: TOES20150812001
Summary: A Spanish SME has developed and patented a novel biodegradable TV remote controller.This innovation has been designed especially for entities with many TV terminals. The device is made of biodegradable layers with conductive ink.This device can be used as a personalized support to include advertisement on the back as well as to be used as plant (biodegradable).They are seeking final users (hospitals, hotels, advertisers) for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Title: Medical on-line software for both scheduling appointments and managing delays
POD Reference: TOFR20151021003
Summary: A French ICT SME has designed software to manage medical appointments and also waiting time on-line. This software allows patients to make an appointment, automatically receive a confirmation and be informed about delays. Specialist can manage their patients, agenda, prevent absences and reduce waiting time in office without losing income. The SME is seeking partners in the medical sector for Commercial agreements with technical assistance, joint venture or license agreements.

Title: Eyewear Design Company looking for design offices and eyewear manufacturing companies to provide innovative hinges solutions
POD Reference: TOFR20141107002
Summary: A Northern France based company is designing and developing innovative eyewear solutions. It is looking for eyewear manufacturing companies and design agencies to propose its services (R&D office) to develop new innovative hinge solutions for their clients. It offers services agreement or technical cooperation agreement.

Title: Innovative system for cultivating plants on vertical or inclined planes
POD Reference: TOES20150615001
Summary: A Spanish technology based company has developed a system which is an evolution of the hydroponic system that combines a series of selected textile layers forming pockets that allow a better aeration of the plants' roots. They are looking for gardening companies  for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement  to exploit and commercialize their invention, and is open for a financial agreement.

Title: Battery electric and range extended electric vehicle (EV) drivetrain technology for conversion of existing fleets of urban buses and delivery trucks to low or zero emission vehicles
POD Reference: TOUK20151124001
Summary: A UK SME specialising in the design and manufacture of class-leading battery electric and range extended electric vehicle (EV) drivetrains for buses and commercial vehicles is looking for urban bus operators who need to convert existing fleets to ultra low emission vehicles. The SME would provide a complete conversion solution under technological service agreement arrangements.


Title: H2020 – PILOTS-01-2016: Industrial partner sought in manufacturing microwable packaging solutions
POD Reference: RDES20151120001
Summary: A Spanish technology centre needs an industrial partner: microwable packaging solutions manufacturer/user (preferably in cardboard materials).  The aim of the project is to use a pilot plant for the development of manufacturing processes of novel materials with thermal and conductive properties by means of 3D-2D printing processes. They exclusively look for an industrial partner with the role of demonstrating the feasibility of manufacturing the novel materials.

Title: H2020 MG-2.3-2016 Ship owners and ship operators active in offshore supply and survey are sought to establish a consortium for autonomous and remotely operated sailing
POD Reference: RDNL20151125001
Summary: A Dutch institute with a focus on maritime research is preparing a proposal for autonomous and remotely operated sailing with other partners to be submitted under the H2020 MG-2.3-2016 call. Ship owners and ship operators active in offshore supply and survey are sought to bring in a use case or demonstrator ship. Because of the composition of the consortium there is a strong preference for companies from France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

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